DTQWT Mk II with Dynaudio Drivers

Hi All

As i compare with a view expensive speaker like Dynaudio Confidence,
BW 802D, Kharma Ceramic 2.2, Wilson Watt / Puppy etc etc looks like
my speaker has some shortage in my ear ... so it is time to pray for a

as i know there is some great speaker builder maybe i need to read
some review and search for some comparison and i need to add my
experience too bout speaker knowledge

So (Summary for 1,5 years searching) I decided to build DTQWT speaker
by Troel Gravesen DTQWT-mkII

and here is some speaker builder response builders response

After i look a photo, sometime i asked my self How Does It Feel ?


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in my journey im falling in love with Dynaudio Driver
so how to make it this ?

DTQWT with Dynaudio Driver, Dynaudio for DTQWT
hmmm ... hmmm looks like it just a dream hahahaha
so buy Dynaudio Confidence and give it my CC ? No

To buy a DTQWT package looks like it easier to me
but i love dynaudio too so what is the solution now


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Troels did a great job with the DTQWT and you would get a completely different loudspeaker using the Dynaudio drivers... Maybe you'll like it, but what if you dislike it? Will you regret that you choose to develop your own DTQWT? ;-)

If you have the room for OB I would look into the OBL11 designed by Troels. Magnificent loudspeakers IME.
Thank you for your input

As a dyn lover, I think there is No Regret
One for sure, I build mine more expensive
Speaker box plan can be open after test
(Plan B : change driver & xover if they worst)

There is one picture missing when we add
Those 2 channel + sub ( 2 x 24 W 100 )
Looks like the Response Diagram really Flat

Best regards
This is my first crossover, after my 1st test i changed all caps
for tweeter with Mundorf Silver / Gold in oil looks like this caps
sounded better than Russian K73-16

Inductor for 21W54 looks a little bit dirty according to12 people
attend in the test, so i change to 0.47mh 12AWG from 0.63mh
14 AWG and changed auricaps with mundorf silver in oil caps.

The double sub sound to big & hard like a stone, so we give 3,9 ohm
in front of 18mh inductor and make a view experiment to downsize the
resistor value from 15 ohm to 8,2 ohm was ideal value for the crossover

Some people who walk in front of my friend store stopped and
ask permission to look the speaker, they said i never believed
that diy speaker can sound like high end speaker

In the second test take the place in other friend workshop and
attended more than 30 people this time a lot of kind of music was
try from house music, jazz, rock, R & B, Japanese Drum etc etc

With the Sfernice resistor the sound look a little bit harsh so i
changed to Duelund Resistor 2.2 Ohm after the 2nd test

As the speaker owner i can say I NEVER BELIEVE IT TOO :D:D:D


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Congratulations my friend !!
But, you have backed Troels design using Dynaudio drivers and may have gotten a nice sound quality perhaps both components as the speakers xover, but do not be fooled.
It has nothing to do with a design calculated to certain drivers and their parameters TS
(Audax or Seas + Jantzen + Eminence)
Compare them if you can get anyone with a "real" and you will notice the difference in sound.
I'm interested in the DTQWTII, and I have the Eminence Delta Lite 2510 II, I go for the rest of the kit.