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After the great success the first version to V3, design Andrea and Quanghao
Now. I opens this new group buy to produce a new series of DAC, with chip ES9018.

I used 8 x LT3042 replacement for low shunt

LT3042 - 20V, 200mA, Ultralow Noise, Ultrahigh PSRR RF

Quanghao will produce these modules with little gain to promote this product, in the near future this DAC will be sold as a finished product at about 3000$ - 5000$.

This DAC ES9018 module have these features:
All use : LT3042 - 20V, 200mA, Ultralow Noise, Ultrahigh PSRR RF

- separated LT3042 Ultralow Noise for any digital section
- separated LT3042 Ultralow Noise for any analog channel
- remote volume control
- remote mute control
- remote input control
- digital filter control
- microcontroller to remap DAC to share I2S connection with DSD
- Amanero module integrated to have USB input
- Support 44,88,96,192,352,384KHz PCM and DSD to play SACD ISO
- ground isolation from USB module
- On board reference 100MHz Crystek oscillator with a jitter of 0.5psec
- 3 spdif input: coax RCA, Toslink optical and AES/EBU
- optional passive I/V
- 4 row x 20 characters LCD
- 5V LCD
- large dB volume display
- Tranfomer stanby

This options are available and here the new cost:

1) DAC module assembled and tested with all components
- ES9018 chip,
- Crystek 100MHz top performances oscillator (CCHD-950-25-100),
- 7 regulator use 0.8uV LT3042: 6 for ES9018 ( digital + analog supply) + 1 for USB amanero
- All digital connectors
- Controller to change volume, input and other parameters
- 20x4 LCD, with encoder
- Infrared remote command
- Amanero module not included
price 550$

2) Chassie only use for Tube IV:
A. Chassis: 1.2 mm iron, powder coated black,
feet high with 10mm screw the bottom canopy available. Look so beautiful.
2. front: aluminum anodized silver color:
15 mm thickness,
Size: 15 mm x 90 mm x 430 mm
Weight: 4 kg
price 200$

3) PCB IV + PCB supply IV price 60$

4) Tranfomer for tube :
Input: 0-220V
Ouput: 0-12V/ 3A x 1, 0-220V/ 150mA x 1
Weight: 3kg
Price: 60

5) Complete assembled DAC with Tube IV use 4 x 12AU7, the price: 1500$ each.

shipping: I will calculate your specific to different countries, shipping by TNT or Fedexl

Minimum subscription amount is: 10 members.
When enough 10 I will conduct the production.
You are invited to attend
Thank you very much!


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