DRV134 Quality

It was reccomended to me to use DRV134 Op amps for output. I have done quite a bit of staring at the datasheet and can see it will work well for me. Is this chip really good or just pretty good. For the small difference in price I would like the best opamp that is practical. BTW: You guys put mackie etc. to shame. Never again will I have to be at their mercy. If I am unsuccesful with my mods I can just find someone here that can build the unit.


Paid Member
2002-03-29 5:19 am
I would say it's pretty good. It's definitely not junk. It's designed
to drive a balanced differential line, so I wouldn't necessarily
use it for a normal single-ended unbalanced output. (though
it sounds like you might be doing some sort of mixer/PA

There are similar products from the likes of Analog Devices that
you might consider.