drop-in REPLACEMENT for focal TC120Tdx2 tweeter


2007-11-30 6:07 pm
Hello, I have a three-way loudspeaker that my friend made and gave to me. It has a pair of NHT 1259's, a pair of Focal 8V413's, and a pair of Focal TC120Tdx2's. Now my problem is that one of the Tc120's has no sound coming out of it. I have found somewhere that has replacement diaphragms, but I don't know if that is the problem. I asked them, but still haven't recieved a response. Also, I've heard that the TC120Tdx2's aren't being made anymore, and the replacement TC120Tdx5's aren't as good. I will try to borrow my friends camera to take a picture of my enclosure, as i don't know what kind it is. Does anyone know what the problem might be? I also don't know what kind of crossover he built. It has an iron core inductor, two Non-Inductive Resistors, and i think a 14AWG inductor, based on what i have found online and compared it to. I'm thinking its a pretty basic passive three-way crossover, but not sure. My friend is no where around, or i would just ask him, since he has been building speakers for half his life!! Is there anyone who knows of another drop-in tweeter that sounds as good as the TD120's? thanks.... i will try to get those pics up today!