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Hello all!

I am trying to build a set of decent speakers for outdoor use. I am not too enthrawled with the idea of taking them in and out all summer (winter is an exception), so my challange is to make them completely weather proof. The box is not such a problem, the problem I am facing is the driver. I would like to use a (or two per box) fullrange to limit the number of openings, reduce internal components, simplify design, and hopefully lower the cost. Being that they have to be weather proof, the driver cone must be a of non paper/fibre material, and the surround should probably be rubber.

On a first look around (at solen), I found the Swans(hi-vi) full range series with the aluminum cones, but I am not entirely convienced of the frequency response curve on them, and the sensitivity on some is too low. But they do fit the basic requirements.

Does any one have any experience with these drivers? Am I being too critical for an outdoor driver? (freq. response)

Any suggestions of other drivers?

alternative suggestion

5 or 6 years ago I built some outdoor speakers that I am still using on my deck. What I did rather than selecting some special waterproof driver was just cover the speakers with a plastic garbage bag when it looked like it might rain. I then used to take the bag off when I wanted to listen to the speakers. But after a while I came to realize that I couldnt tell any difference in sound with the bag on or the bag off, so now I leave them on all the time. Maybe I'm tone deaf, or the speakers arent good enough for the bag to make a difference or whatever, but I really cant tell the difference. I take the bags off occassionally after a heavy rain just to give them a chance to dry off thoroughly. I leave the speakers outside all the time from about May 1 to Oct 31. Each year I put on a nice new clean pair of bags.

It turns out that white kitchen type garbage bags fit pretty good, and they look OK. Not the ultimate in high fashion styling or anything but they dont look as bad as it might sound.

This may not be to every ones taste, but it would allow you to select whatever driver you want regardless of water resistance.
That is rather interesting. Being that they are outdoors I am not to overly concerned about ultra high quality, and I do not wish to produce enough bass levels to cause air movement with the bag. I wonder if there is a way to incorporate that into the design of the enclosure so as to hide the bag?

The Bab speakers look pretty good, and do have some good reviews behind them, (and are exactly what I am looking for) but are a little more then what I wanted to spend.
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