Driver Design vs Performance

I would like to start a discussion regarding what the most important parts in driver design are. Minimizing this to a mid-woofer being driven at relatively low levels would be optimum.

Motor vs Cone Material:

Which of these would be more of a benefit when driven at a low level?

My thoughts are that a great motor would be more beneficial at all levels and a rigid cone would be better at high levels. I would think that at higher drive levels a rigid cone (ie mag cone, ceramic) would have more force acting upon it's surface than when driven at lower levels. If the driver is being driven at a lower velocity then it's ability to stay 'pistonic' in nature should be easier to achieve. Agree/Disagree??

If this is true then would things such as perceived detail be similar at lower drive levels of different cone materials?

Can anyone comment on the nomex cones used by peerless? Is the nomex a rigid material? I ordered a nomex driver (830883) and it's cone can be manipulated between your fingers. I was hoping for a harder material like aluminum or mag cone.

Just some thoughts.