Dr. Amp Tripath based amplifier

Has anyone had their hands on one of these?


It looks like a slightly better built Sonic Impact SI-5 equivalent, with better input and output jacks.
I was wondering if the components inside were also of better quality and perhaps the bass would be a little more extended.
It's sure hard to find anybody actually selling these little units and there doesn't seem to be anybody talking about them either.
I couldn't find any retailers- especially in the Americas
They seem to be from Korea, and they have some sound cards that compete functionally with M audio, etc.

It does seem to be a nice little unit. Do you think it has the same chip as the SI? From the specs it seems it may be the next stop up? It says max output 30 w into 4 ohms. I think the SI only claims about 15 watts into 4 ohms. At those outputs the distortion is very high though!!

This could be an interesting unit to start tweaking. The SI's are built too poorly and too easily destroyed. The Amp3's are a fine piece of equipment but require a significant effort to implement. This might be the answer to all your friends "will you do one for me?” Looking forward to further reports.

This is direct from Audiotrak's rep in the UK

85 pounds- about $150 but once its in store it will probably be $120 I'll bet- maybe even $100 eventually. I like the solidnes of it-exactly whats missing on the SI AND it might nort have the low frequency roll-off.

I can't find it anywhere else- its a new product.

It has a 5532 op amp as a preamp/ buffer I guess, which is socketed as mentioned above-nice touch for us tweakers!

It also seems to regulate the 15v supply down to 12v.