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I don't know where to put this question, but I have a windows vista problem, maybe.... The audio output to the headphone jack on my laptop no longer plays stereo. The PC speakers work perfectly, I did the stereo test ping. But it seems the left channel plays two channel mono through the headphone jack. This is a weird problem, I have uninstalled the audio hardware driver and re-installed. Same problem. My next option, I think, will be to wipe it clean and start over. I'll try first restoring my last backup, but I'm not sure it will solve the problem. There has got to be an easier way. Any idea? Since I usually use my laptop as my stereo source, this is a problem.

Bill Gates recently was wondering why Microsoft is loosing market share, I have an idea as to why........:rolleyes:
Weird. I believe you have gone through the Sound And Audio Devices setup. Microsoft is usually accurate. It is just not user friendly.

Laptop as stereo source?? Hmmm what kind of machine you have, to be good enough for such critical task :D

I don't know if Microsoft is loosing market share. May be that is because Windows users die quicker than other OS users due to depression and problems with stereo sound :D
I just uninstalled the audio driver and re-started. It made no difference, it is back! R and L channel work with the
PC speakers, but through the headphone jack I get Left channel through both R & L channels. This has got to be some Mickey Mouse sh!t, but yesterday it worked fine.

If ever you wanted to just slap somebody...................:mad:

And Bill Gates has to ask why Microsoft is loosing market share....Ha ha. I can tell you why.......

BTW, Toshiba Satililte, and not one of the cheaper ones either......
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I'm not sure what the stereo test ping is, but I'd go right to the hardware manager through Control Panel. Highlighting the audio driver and clicking the Properties button should show the jack configuration.
That'd be:
Control Panel>Sound>Playback tab [highlight driver]>Properties
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Hardware manager in control panel, I can get to the stereo test, under speaker configure menu. The left and right channel are seperate on the PC speakers, but through the headphones the left and right are playing the same thing, 2 channel mono. How can the PC speakers be playing stereo and the headphone jack be playing 2 channel mono? This is the misunderstanding, that and the fact that it worked fine just the other day....! Could this be a driver issue?
Yeah, I check that. The output of both channels is fine now with the 'control pannel' hardware stereo ping. I get seperate left and right signals. I think it is the fact that I am using windows media player. I have just read that people have issues similar to this with WMP. I will try a different program............
I've had software mess up my playback configuration, so I understand the adrenalin rush.:) You should click Sound from the Control Panel menu, or double-click its speaker icon. That should open a window with Playback, Record, and Sounds tabs. The playback tab should show your speaker/headphone driver in the main window area (with a check "Working" or X "Not Working". Highlight it and click the Properties button. Another window opens with tabs General, Levels, Enhancements, Advanced. The General tab should show the jack information.
OK. I just removed the driver completely, then went to Toshiba's website and replaced it with the one fitting this model computer. Now, under the same tab, it shows the internal device only and no 3.5mm jack at all. However, the 3.5mm jack does work, but again only with 2 channel mono! but the PC speakers work properly. I have just finished a project after quite a while in after hours R & D, and it works perfectly now. It has right and left channels, but also a surround sound connection that is for rear satilites playing the difference between the right and left channels. After alllllllllll the time and effort, now the stereo quit on the signal source.:mad: really?? I'm just about tired of all this Micky Mouse bullsh!t now, I think I will go buy a bunch of CDR's and copy my wave files to disc so that I can use them in CD player. It's an old Panasonic DVD player but it does have an excellent audio output, as best you could ask for with DC's. It's just so easy to use the computer as the signal source.:rolleyes:
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