Doing something clever with 2 pairs of Davis speakers


2008-01-29 5:50 pm

I'm quite new to DIY Speakers (yeah obviously, post 1) and looking for help.

I have a pair of Davis 170KWT and a pair of 165ckw basicly made for cars, and I was thinking of using them as " theater " speakers.

My idea would be to build a pair of rear speakers and a center channel.

I'm not aiming a really perfect sound (as my ears are far from perfect), cause those equipments are indeed made for something else. However, I guess there is something to be done there.

My first problem is that I don't have the tech. specs. for those speakers (I requested them to davis already, I'm now waiting).

My second problem is that I'm surely lacking basic knowledges for the needs I'm aiming.

I downloaded a speaker design software in order to be in the could way, but without the specs, I'm not going to go anywhere I guess.

Any advice, clue that I could use ?