Does Warnex stick to PVA glue?

I like this stuff, but what Id like to know and havent been able to find out, is whether it sticks to PVA glue?

Ive got some cabinets to paint which have been previously stained. I dont really want to go down the route of sanding off all the wood stain if warnex wont stick to it. I have a suspicion it may not (just to be annoying) since it's definitely a bit funny about sticking to the wood filler I've been using.

I either have to PVA the cabinet first and then paint with warnex, or I have to sand the entire thing first and then paint. I'd rather go down the PVA route since sanding is tedious but if warnex is funny about sticking to PVA I may be forced to sand them.
as an aside, I have found that BIN Zinsser alcohol based shellac primer will stick to anything, and anything will stick to it.
it's expensive and smelly though.
Isn't that the stuff that decorators use to cover over knots in wood before painting (if not the oil eventually bleeds through and leaves the gloss work covered in horrid brown patches about 6 months later)?