Does it Make Sense? Balanced to Single Ended

Corresponding with people is great - but with differing views - it's best to get input from many others.

Since I am not an expert, I can someone share some light to the following.

"IT DOES MAKE SENSE to run balanced,differential pair
of mosfets (BLS,ALEPH P) single ended,becouse even when You
are not using it balanced differential pair cancels
diffraction and noise."

In order to benefit the most from CMRR, don't the source units (ie cd player) and the power amps also have to be balanced?

In what way where sound quality is improved by using a balanced pre-amp driving a single ended power amp? (if it sounds better than ok but logically?)

I've noticed huge differences between single ended vs. fully balanced audio setups. Have others been able to notice a big difference in sound (for worse or for better?).
A balanced preamp working as single ended can cancel noise and distortion coming from the same circuit.

If you use a balanced source or a truely balanced amp or both than you have further cancelation form noise coming from outside the preamp.

I think its something like 10 dB more cancelation.

I really like the sound of balanced circuits.