Do you use WinISD to design loudspeakers?

I'm sure this is a stupid question but do you guys use WinISD to design loudspeakers other than subwoofers? I guess what is confusing to me is that the frequency response on WinISD does not go up to the higher frequencies.
I want to make a set of speakers out of 4 6" 16ohm drivers and some Apex Jr tweeters to go with my subwoofer. I can't find any plans for the particular Cerwin Vega 6" drivers I have anywhere so I guess I have to start from scratch.

Any help would be appriciated.


2004-02-20 1:36 pm
in simple words, the enclosure determines the freq response up to 200 or 300 Hz, the rest response is determined by the driver's and the crossover.
The last one must take in consideration the baffle's width, and the driver's freq response (both magnitude and phase, as they re formed on the specific enclosure.

Thus you need a measurement/simulation program like Speaker Workshop which is free or something more powerful like Calsod & Praxis. You CANT caclulate
the crossover using the standard calculators, to get valid results you need to measure and simulate, for the frequencies above 200Hz. You can use WinISD below 200Hz for closed or vented enclosures. If you re aiming on a horn design, Winisd is not useful.