Do rectangular front horns have to be horizontal

Don´t let your eye outvote what your brain knows, it´s exactly the other way round - physics.
Waves bent by a narrow slot - a rectangular horn mounted horizontally squanders a lot of energy by spreading it up and down instead of where it´s needed. PA people accept that as the lesser evil because it makes the boxes less high and thus easier to shlep around.

Thanks Pit- what I want to do is marry a front horn/full range aluminium driver to a pro 15" woofer in a bass reflex enclosure- I also want to make the speakers attractive, ie sonus faber. I`m thinking if I made a thin vertical mouthed front horn to fit in a cabinet with slightly curved sides, the `wasted` volume can then be used for the bass driver, firing downwards at the bottom of the cabinet

The x/o wd be around 100-120 hz, but I am worried about the depth of the cabinet, ie how long wd a 100 hz horn have to be?
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Here are my horns


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Thanks CLS for posting the link. It reminded me that I have to post updates.

I did not build these speakers. A friend of mine got them from the origanal guy and I got them from Bill. I designed and built a pair of Open Baffle Line Array EconoWave speakers and traded those for these.

I got a harley for my wife....not a bad trade! hahahahaha