Do I have a sickness?

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You are trying to save the world by buying every quality amp left so no one can destroy them or remember what good sounding really is, haha. Your plan will never work. As I type there are secret societies bent on ruling the world by producing cheap chrome plated neon infested amps with mega output power for only $99 brand new. I've installed several of them this week that customers have purchased at the yearly blowout sale and I tell you they are the greatest thing since the cool blinking valve stem caps. I swear they can squeeze a thousand watts through a single 15 amp fuse! Incredible technology at bargain prices!
lol...well you can always get your $ back anyway

1000W at 14.9 volts no doubt! (and on fire, at 1kHz)

Really see a lot of conflicting opinion on amps these days. One person says new amps are fine and amp does not matter much anymore as far as sound (and of course you are using DSP anyway right?). They do say new amps tend to fall apart much faster the cheaper they are. On the other hand many still say there is no substitute for a quality amp and most of them are not new amps. I have used few new amps, but sizing up for a new system and really not sure if I should go old school or not. I will use a D for subs because of power and fact that I doubt I could hear any difference, but not sure on the other 1-3 amps I might need. I don't need perfect like a McIntosh, but nice would be good. I really wish someone would actually test amps, or someone who has used hundreds of them would comment. I just don't have time these days for the significant trial & error I typically do swapping stuff in and out again and again. Have some alpine and infinity laying around I'm going to try to start with.

I did see one of those newer HK 300s went for 115 euro on the other side one day....while an old CA260 went for 130 here.

Speaking of cheap, I have a LA strike 1Kw class D sitting here but too lazy to go out in cold and try in my car. Likely too much power for my IB 12s, but should have some control that way. It is way more than twice the size of two alpine mrp-m450 however....that alpine is a class D too but still tiny for 400w rms, and not much in it for $135.;)
I spend most of my time on the PG forum. And i get about a half dozen refrub jobs a week on old school PG amps. All they need is some silicone paste and and some new caps, and maybe a solder touch up or two and they are good to go for another 15 years of every day usage.

please when you find that kind of lifespan coming out of China let me know LOL LOL LOL . My bass amps are PG and they are 17 years old and still running fine everyday, When you can find that coming out of any country in the world please let me know...

i think that just about covers the amp quality issue, and Yes Jonny Hotnuts you do have the disease welcome to our world of which amp to use today LOL LOL LOL I suggest changing amps by having several cars to drive so everyday you have a different driving and a different listening experience... Glad to see I am not alone LOL LOL You sound like my kind of people.....C:)
No not me, I looked at it and have no use for one right now....but it seemed cheap....but I let it go. One day I bid $15 on a special edition amp and lost by a $1. Later I found out what that was but still do not appear to be great amps. I have enough stuff here, what do you do I only have one car with a system in it.
Jonny, I can relate. I just picked up four of these C.V. 15" 3 ways


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Jonny Hotnuts said:
I just got my second ADS PQ 20.

I have no need or reason to get another amp.

So why did I just buy a SS MC300?

I did get it for 250$. It also comes with a SS DX1 XO, but that is no excuse. I just didnt need another amp.

What was I thinking.

I find myself all the time doing this as well. I have a room full of amps, some I may never use!

Some possible reasons:

Pure bordom

Alcohol= Thoughts blurred.


pre excitment= The joy of unpacking the amp when it arrives. Shortley after there is a mental hole that needs to be filled once again.

maybe I will use it some day?

I always wanted one of these.

wow, haven't seen these in years.

Those things still exist?

Wow that cheap.

The thrill of the bid. Kinda like gambling.

my wife says, just for the heck of it. Not another one!!! (when it arrives)

on and on and on!!!

But for what ever reasons It's still fun regardless.
It's just a car amp, if I had a stash of them I'd dump everything I would not use when the price was up. Someone wants to pay big money for some old amp, great for the seller. I can see a reasonable price for quality and condition, maybe high price for better ones. I used a lot of LP amps, they are good but not $that$ special IMO. I got rid of them at times for another good amp that sounded better or put out more....and some of those are not that expensive now. One I can't seem to find though.
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