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Years ago I used to DJ professionally. I got out of the industry but I never quite lost my interest. For the past few years I have had this crazy idea rolling around in the back of my head for getting back into DJing. Previously When I DJed I played on club equipment or equipment provided to me. I also played a mix of what I wanted to play with what the crowd wanted to hear. Now that I am a bit older I am more interested in having fun and just playing what I want. So here is what I have been considering. I call it, "The Audiophile secessions". A night of DJing on high end audiophile gear. I have quite a bit of gear in different levels of useably but what I think would work is a setup like this.

ODAC - laptop output
EV Eliminators - PA speakers I already have, or build econowave/gedlee style speakers
DIY subs pushed by class D plate amps
F5,F5T or push pull tube amp.

I have the ODAC, EVs, and a F5 that was working until I pulled it appart to play with already. Personally I think it would be cooler to have a decent power PP tube amp setup so people could see and experience tubes for the first time. I am not sure an F5 or tube amp would have enough power though, even pushing efficient PA speakers.

So do you guys think this would be a worthwhile venture? Anyone have a big PP tube amp they want to lend me :)
You got yourself a niche market, if I can say that (NPI).
I have very much the same likes.
Maybe we can make this project run.
I'm overseas as you noticed, but maybe we can have some experiences trade off.
I'm in the process of making something work nicely. A mix of PA/Audiophile marketing party! You find me often in the Loudspeakers section of the forum. :xfingers:
I'm from the time I saw tube amps in discos here, if I remember, in upscale clubs. Good dimension fans or air conditioning was a must.
The other aspect of mixing (pa/high-end), last year I was looked with disdain by a small distributor to market their DJ gear (very good specs) in an audiophile annual event. They are afraid to loose something or is just disbelieve.
I just posted here a link (diyAudio) you might like to read, in relation to the new trends in prototyping new parts. Be my guest. Best.
I am considering building my own wavebourn pyramid amplifier using GU50 output tubes in PP. I am a bit hesitant as the highest voltage I have worked with is 300-400 and after one zap from that I am much more hesitant on tube projects.

I'm thinking I could get away with 35-50 wrms considering I would be using powered subs for the low end. Because of this my plan B is a dynaco st-70.

Looks like I could combine my plans ;)
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