Diyparadise Gabrielle

She's been around for a while but I can only find very few info on her. Link here : Gabrielle - SGD250.00 : Welcome to the diyparadise e-store!

She's based on TA4100 like AMP9 from 41HZ.

I love Diyparadise's Charlize (TA2020), especially the midrange but with only around 10 watt I need more bass & power to drive my only 87db speaker. I have bot T1 & T2 from hifimediy (TK2050), but they don't have the midrange magic Charlize has. I loved those TK2050 but after some weeks listening to Charlize, I cannot listen them anymore.

So I would like to know if anybody would share their experience with Gabrielle.

Thanks in advance,