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diyAudio Rules updated 1st Sept 2017.
Members are advised to regularly check here for important changes to the Forum Rules and the Website Terms of Use.

diyAudio is a place for all members of the DIY audio community to learn, share knowledge, and enjoy interacting with others interested in the design and construction of audio components. This privately owned forum reserves the right to limit the behavior of its members. The rules including but not limited to the following will be enforced in good faith to maintain discussion quality and peer respect.



  1. Disruptive behavior of any sort, including offensive language, trolling, threadjacking, insults, intimidation, harassment or other disrespectful or antisocial behavior. (Notes 1 & 3)
  2. Discussions of politics, ethnicity, religion, medical or other divisive issues of any sort.
  3. Intentionally posting incorrect or flagrantly dangerous information (Note 2).
  4. More than one account per person.
  5. Starting multiple threads on the same subject.
  6. Posting in a language other than English without a translation.
  7. Posting or linking to pornography, illegal download sites, or illegal software.
  8. Posting overtly commercial information or advertising in non-commercial forums. (Note 5) Using the private messaging system or email to make unsolicited commercial advances is not allowed.
  9. Posts containing material covered by copyright or NDA without permission of the copyright holder. Requesting such information is also not allowed.
  10. Posting private correspondence or personal information on the forums without expressed permission of the author or owner.
  11. Posts concerning moderator's directives or decisions, including reposting of such actions. Please use the Private Message or Report Post button to contact moderators with questions.
  12. Improper use of the Quote function such as altering the words or meaning of the quote, misquoting or lack of quote attribution.

The following are not hard rules, but guidelines to make the forum a better place.

  1. Do be polite. Even when you don't want to be.
  2. Don't post in ALL CAPITAL letters.
  3. Don't quote the entire post just above yours.
  4. Do turn off your Tapatalk signature line (it's in the Settings).


You may be given an infraction notice consisting of a number of infraction points and how long they will stick. These are like penalties in sports. If you get 100 points or more you will automatically be placed in the "sin bin" (meaning you can't post) and you will be freed when your points expire. Flagrant or ongoing violations may result in immediate sin binning or permanent banning from posting on this site.

diyAudio is a MODERATED FORUM:

The moderation team has final authority regarding the enforcement and interpretation of the Forum Rules and the conduct of its users. diyAudio reserves the right to terminate any user account that over time have demonstrated a negative impact on the community.

  • The :cop: :captain: or :sarge: icons are for Moderator use only. Moderators will use them when conducting official forum duties only.
  • Moderators work as a team to enforce the forum rules. Most moderation actions are reviewed by the team.
  • Moderators are not usually allowed to edit offending posts; they must delete an entire post if part of it violates the rules.
  • Some threads become repetitive or conflict prone. The moderation team will, at its discretion, close these threads. Starting a new thread to discuss the same topic is prohibited. Posting material from or about a closed thread is also prohibited.
  • If you see a post that needs moderator attention or if you just need help, please use the "Report Post" button. This button is the red triangle found under the persons name, of the post you wish to report. This is the quickest way to get the attention of the moderation team.
  • Different levels of membership are not a consideration when moderating actions are taken.
  • Insulting, taunting, baiting or harassing a moderator for official decisions online or through private message or e-mail is a very serious offense and will usually result in banning.
  • Threads or posts about site moderation are not allowed and will be closed and/or deleted. Please handle questions and comments about the site or moderation via the "Report Post" button, PM, or the contact form.


  1. Trolling is posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. Threadjacking is the practice of taking over a thread by posting off-topic replies such that the original topic becomes diluted or lost. Off-topic posts, and replies to off-topic posts, can be a positive outcome of discussion, but must either be brief or be moved to another thread. If something interesting does arise that warrants extensive discussion -- then start a new thread and link to it.

  2. Your safety and the safety of others. While most projects on this site deal with electricity and construction which inherently involve some risk, particularly dangerous topics and procedures should include a warning in the thread that adequately explains these risks. The forum itself is not in the business of vetting projects or posts for safety, accuracy, performance, reliability, function, or fitness for use. If you attempt to make something and it blows up, or turns expensive parts into charcoal, or just doesn't work the way you were hoping, that's between you and the person posting the project or idea. The forum is merely a bulletin board which allows anyone to post ideas, criticisms, or discussions. It is up to the individual to make the final determination of how appropriate a project is for them to attempt, based on their own experience.

  3. Working on live and non isolated power supplies as well as high voltage equipment carries risk. Much of todays equipment uses power supplies derived from circuitry that is both live at all times and that also has no isolation from the incoming mains supply. This can be lethal to those unfamiliar with this mode of operation. Even probing the circuitry with mains powered test equipment carries an immediate and lethal risk. It is therefore the responsibility of the person working on such equipment to ensure that they are fully conversant with safe working practices which include (but are not limited to) powering both the item being worked on and the test equipment from an isolated supply. Tube/valve circuitry also poses a lethal shock hazard due to the high voltages typically encountered. Again, the person working on such projects should be conversant with safe and good working practices.

  4. Sure, many of us use foul language in normal conversation without too much thinking, but this forum is about thinking. Over the years this forum has had a strict language code and it seems to have worked well to create a positive atmosphere, where people from different places and cultures feel comfortable. Attempting to circumvent the auto-censor is not allowed.

  5. The regular forums are non-commercial and should have no advertisements or overtly commercial threads or posts. These belong in the appropriate Commercial Sector forums. Commercial entities may have threads and post in the regular forums discussing theory and initial product design. If a project gets close to commercial availability, the topic must be continued in a Commercial Sector thread.

  6. Discussion of product design considerations may also be discussed by commercial entities in the regular forums, but promotion of specific products is not allowed. Members who want to start commercial threads may do so at no cost in the Vendor's Bazaar. Those who want more commercial exposure are encouraged to contact the management to discuss terms for obtaining a Manufacturers Forum or Vendor's Forum in the Commercial Sector. Banners and display advertisements are also available.

  7. The commercial threads are for private transactions between members and other members or companies. provides these forums as bulletin boards for the convenience of our members, but makes no warranty nor assumes any responsibility regarding unsatisfactory transactions. Normal diyAudio rules about member conduct apply and will be enforced. Please use the commercial sector bulletin boards at your own risk and using your own judgment.


These rules apply to any members of our commercial sector as well as anyone promoting anything on diyAudio. Repeated violations of these rules will result in termination of your account and all your threads without hesitation.

  1. No promotion or sale of products infringing trademarks, regardless of the country of origin of the trademark.
  2. Only one thread per vendor in the Vendors Bazaar
  3. No thread "bumping" in the Vendors Bazaar
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