diyAudio Feature Request List


Powder Monkey
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2000-10-08 1:19 pm
There is now a <a href="/request/">feature request list</a> for

I know there's a lot you have all been wanting and waiting for. Finally, things are afoot!

Please use this opportunity to make diyAudio a better place for everyone. I'll also be posting a survey in the next few days, details to follow.

<li><a href="/request/">feature request list</a>

Thanks guys,



Powder Monkey
Paid Member
2000-10-08 1:19 pm
Cleaned this up a bit.

* Allow each member a personal, editable list of 20 active threads to watch

I believe this functionality exists already - you can see your active subscriptions via your control panel. Perhaps bookmark it?

* French forum

Sorry, diyAudio uses english as a first language. Second languages will be supported better in the future through <a href="">babelfish</a> integration.

* Elders choose their own title

Doesn't seem to be enough interest in this at the moment.

* Search link on main front page


* When searching to display your own postings, group results by thread, and within those, by time.

Too hard. Not enough votes.

* Allow pasting of large BMP images directly on Posts witthout having to do attachments

WYSIWYG editing is not vBulletin supported functionality. You shouldn't be posting BMP files anyway - it's an obsolete format. Kind of like running to the other side of town to speak to your friend, when you both have telephones. PNG, GIF, JPG provide great compression features.

* Removal of the 20 seconds elapsed time between searches

Sorry, this is a server load protection mechanism. Better you have site uptime than a spider takes it down for everyone :)

* Have a button to show all the threads started by a particular member.

This exists already. Under every post, there is a profile button. Click that then click "Show all posts by this user" in the top right.

* List of posts and threads started by people

This exists pretty much at:

Number of threads started? Hmm, if like everyone said they wanted that functionality I would do it but seeing as there haven't been 20 votes it is being put on the shelf.