DIY your own DLP.


2005-03-14 12:47 am
I'm not so sure that's a foolhardy or complicated project to look into. I mean, it has everything! The DLP, the color wheel, the lenses, the power supplies, I even see a VGA and video inputs. The only thing they say is missing is the light source. And if any community is qualified to scrounge up a cheap light source for a projection system, it's right here.

The only questions I have would be A: does it even turn on, and B: would the quality even be acceptable. Early DLP systems SUCKED, much like early LCD projectors did. Especially some of the color wheel projectors. If this system is capable of making a decent image, it's no more than some are paying for an LCD monitor to put in their projectors.

I admit to being curious, but not curious nor solvent enough to take the risk to buy one of these without knowing more.
yes, the early DLP's werent so hot, but after seeing just about everyone's project on this site, i can say its still far better than the results using LCD's.

the bulbs are easy enough to get also...

lastly, ive never seen a DLP chip go bad. ive sold hundreds of them to customers and they are pretty bulletproof. the boards might be toast, but the dlp chip should work fine. i would say it wouldnt be a bad idea if someone could risk $175.


2004-11-17 4:59 am
From the DLP's that I have seen, basically the models in the $2,000 range and I would say that the projector I built was very comparable if not better. But I haven't seen tons of them so I can't really say which looks better.

cowanrg, out of curiosity what would you do with the DLP chip if the board was fried? I would think that it would become cost prohibitive to find a replacement board and stuff. I honestly don't know a lot about the inner-workings of the DLP projector so fill me in please. I'm not joking just curious. :confused: