DIY Video Shielding: Can It be Done

I made some DIY speakers using Pioneer 4.5" full-range drivers. I want to use them near my computer, but they freak out the screen. Is here a way for me to shield them myself? I really do not want to buy new shielded drivers unless I have to. These little guys sound great with a subwoofer.

So is there a way I can shield them so that I can use them near a video screen?



2007-03-18 9:22 am
Sounds like a great excuse to buy an LCD monitor.
they aren't affected by magnets.
I'm pretty certain plasma displays are not bothered by loudspeaker magnets. A hard disk head magnet placed against the front might have some effect.

You'll see the gradual phasing out of sheilded drivers over the next few years as CRTs become less common. There is no need for them any more.