DIY tube preamp - help with choosing the right kit

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hey guys.

a while back asked here about some DIY preamps from Ebay and ended up building one which made me very happy! its the unit i have seen referded to as the Guanzu preamp which is ok and served me right but lacking in MID and that sweet tube sound. but as far as Bang for Buck - hard to beat!

so now i have been thinking about building a different kit!

after searching ebay for a few good hours, i came across an ebay store that seems to carry many different kits that look one level above the cheap chinese kits (like the guanzu) ebay usually has.

(i hope im not braking any forum rules here..) heres the store:
C22 S1 Tube Valve Preamplifier Amplifier DIY Kit Stereo , ref McIntosh items in diyaudiokit store on eBay!

now, i am looking a a kit without a case, mainly because of price, but also because i want to build the case myself!

the two main kits that seem resonable in price and ok for my needs:
C22 12AX7 6F3P Valve Tube Preamplifier Amplifier DIY Kit Stereo | eBay


Ground Grounded Grid Tube Valve Preamplifier Amplifier S3 DIY Kit Stereo | eBay

what do you guys think? i know about the Aikido as well, but it will end up a bit too pricey for me right now.. also, as far as sound goes - i did hear the CJ pv10 recently and was quite impreseed, so something among those lines is what im looking for.

my setup currently:

SAE 2200 (might be replaced with a Hafler xl280)
Guanzu DIY preamp
DIY Tannoy Dual Concentric 15'
dedicated computer + MF Vdac2
AR xa

thanks you for your help and time!
Tank out.
two more option which also seem real nice:
Full Kit Ref Matisse Fantasy Preamplifier S3 Stereo | eBay

and the "jadis" (might be single eneded..?):
JP200 JP 200 Tube Valve Preamplifier S3 Full DIY Kit Stereo Based on Jadis | eBay

and i know this kits arent a "sites favorite" around here, but the local audio market is very harsh, good units are hard to come by and good parts for a local diy project just dont exist.. so such kits may be the only option for a DIY fanatic like me (one a budget..)

thanks you for your help!
right now my setup uses a gainless tube buffer. i did try a different tube preamp i borrowed from a friend and the the extra gain gave my system the push it needed (or so it seemed at list). i tried passive pre's in the past, manly for their source selection option, and the result was not as good when i used a "proper" preamp. and besides, my system isnt very digital.

so right now, im looking for a tube preamp, with some gain (althoug not alot is need given how efficient my speakers are) that will give me that sweet tube sound.
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