Diy Subwoofer


2001-12-27 4:01 am
Im trying to build a home theatre subwoofer and am having trouble finding a subwoofer amp manufacturer, anyone know any in Melbourne? I also need a good driver, what problem do i have if i use a JBL car audio 12 inch in a home theatre subbie?

What sort of filtering do i need to do if any?

I want a powerful setup with roomshaking capabilties and have about $400 to spend on driver and amp, plz help.
Not sure about international shipping, but...

All have good subwoofer amps, most with adjustable ouput, crossover, and phase adjustment.

Also, the JL subs tend to play loud, but not too deep. Most quality car subs acceptable for use at home are $300+

If you have the sub already, you can use it, if not, theres a number of other options including the Adire Shiva, Blueprint, and Dayton Titanic drivers.

EQ may be necessary to smooth out the response curve and to increase low end output, but I don't see active EQ happening in that price range. (Personally, I don't EQ my sub, and I've yet to have problems, or be dissatisfied.)
Jaycar Electronics, who are all over the country, have some "plate" style amps - meaning they come as a large flat section suitable for screwing or bolting on to the actual sub enclosure. They have one for about $400 that is 200W-rms, has hi and low level (line level or speaker level) inputs, a built in active crossover - variable crossover point between 40 and 180 Hz with the a hi-pass line output, infra-red remote control. I'm copying this out of their catalogue but I can only find the yr. 2000 one, it's $360 so if you have to add gst to that it about $400.