DIY projector cooling...

hey guys, ive managed to build an overhead projector setup(like toms hardware or invent geeks) using a dukane 4000, and a syncmaster 152v...

Anyway ive built a big box to encase the entire set up.

However on Toms hardware they suggest an 8mm fan to provide air movement between the projector and the lcd screen. Ive gone ahead and bought an 8 mm fan and i have an extra power supply lying around to power it. However, how can i get this power supply to power the fan? Without a computer it doesnt seem to work.

does anyone else know of a solution? basically i need a small fan the equivilent of an 80mm that i can mount in my projector box and receive power from an independent source( aka not from a computer) so that it can stand alone.

You can get an ATX power supply to turn on quite easily. What you need to do is short the green wire with any black wire on the 20 pin ATX connector. This site tells you what all the wire colors mean on that big plug.

Here is another site with pictures of somebody doing this same thing, often called the "paper clip trick"

If the PSU is too large/noisy for your liking you can certainly go with a smaller 12v supply like Truewarlord mentioned, but make sure the supply can source enough current for your fans.

good luck