DIY Monacor 2-way system - Please help a nooby :)


2020-01-08 9:38 am
Hi Guys,

This is my first time on the forum and I am posting this to get some help to understand what I am doing before I make a stupid purchase..

I was looking to build my own 2 way system and I am looking at the drivers so that I can start planning the enclosure for the speakers.

So my question is:

Would this Monacor BASS-MIDRANGE SPEAKER (Monacor SPP-110/4 hiFi bass-midrange speakers 60Wmax 4© | Loudspeaker freaks)
Work together with MONACOR HIFI DOME TWEETER (Monacor DT-101SK HiFi dome tweeter 50Wmax 8 Ohm | Loudspeaker freaks)
if they are split with this (Monacor DN-2618 2-way crossover networks for 8© | Loudspeaker freaks) crossover?

As you can see my question is really novice but i am not looking to build something amazing, I am just looking to finish a personal project just because of the love I have for music and desire to have my own system built.

Please help guys, I am obviously also open to suggestions to drivers of similar size and output that could work together with a suitable crossover!

Thanks in advance! :D


2012-02-10 12:12 pm

have you tried searching for a ready made kit yet? Where are you located? I think your chances would be better if someone offered to make you a simple simulation of a loudspeaker of your choice than to hope anything worthwhile coming from off the shelf crossover.


2018-04-17 6:50 pm
Welcome AronM!

Looking simply at cost, your expenditure on the above components would be approximately €200. By the time you build the enclosures and include terminal dishes, absorbent materials and so on, you could double that sum.

I would tend to agree with Lojzek about looking at a kit as it may be more cost effective and can include a flat pack cabinet and all the additional accoutrements.

In the UK, Wilmslow audio offer a range of such kits. Have a look, if you like the idea you may find similar suppliers that are more accessible to you.

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