DIY IR remote control kit?

Hi. I've found this Kit that will work for controlling a motorized pot (building a preamp). I'd like to transfer the transmitters IR patterns to a learning remote, but I'm not sure if that will work. I'd be very grateful for any verification that it will or won't, or suggestions for other DIY remote control solutions.

Peace and Music


2002-03-12 7:46 am
I have seen this kit before on the web. But not knowing what quality the relays are and whether are not I could modify things to the way I wish to use an RC unit in my projects. I decided to design and build my on. check out they have a full selection of IR and RF remote control ICs, parts, and software.
I ordered the IR kit from

cost me 23$ including shipping

It has 14 buttons on remote and it works by changing 5V->0V on receiver IC pins according to button number.

I planned to use it for volume up/down with high quality motorised pot. I just don't have the pot jet. All the funds have gone to other projects....

Remote is small but very nice and comfortable. I plan to just leave the buttons 13 and 14...

Thanks FBJ, Ergo, and Bernhard :)

The kit I was looking at is also at kitsrus - #72. Peter has a new kit out as well, #142 that looks even better/more flexible. The Velleman kit is gorgeous, but more than I need and a tad expensive. I'm not quite ready to design my own as from parts at Rentron. A couple folks over at have given me confidence that these kit remote transmitters will indeed program to a commercial learning remote control such as I intend to use. So I think I'll be stoked!