DIY Heavy Bi-wire Speaker Cables (Help)


2001-12-09 10:26 pm

Hey everybody,

As an experiment, I made a set of Bi-wire speaker leads. This is what I did. I bought about 80 feet of (8 gauge) Power 8 Monster High Current pure copper cable total cost $40. I cut it into eight 10 foot pieces. I paired up these eight pieces of cable ( red piece with a black piece). I then twisted the red & black pairs until I had four twisted pairs(2 per channel). They sound GREAT! much better than I expected! They sound allot better than my $300 factory made Monster Bi-wire Z cables. The DIY cables have a larger and more powerful soundstage, allot more bass, and a clearer sound. It's like, my amp feels more comfortable with these BIG cables.

I do have a question about my DIY cables though. Is there anyway that these huge cables can hurt my amp? Can the resistance become too low?

Thanks, JJ

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Too low ?
Are you kidding ?

No, the problem usually is an increase of induction or capacity which can be a problem for the amp forcing it into some instability or oscillation.

I do not think this will happen with a tube amp (?), and surely not with your cable.
Another problem often arrises when the practical work (soldering etc.) is not done properly !

If it sounds as you mentioned, great !
It might well be true that your amps seem to work easier with this cable.

best wishes
After constructing my cables braided cables, my amps were sent into oscillation the moment that I reached a certain power output. If your amps do this, you can add a simple zobel network at the speaker terminals to correct the problem. Other than that, I'm not aware of any problems you may encounter.