DIY floor stander speaker advice

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I guess this has been asked many times before, so I"ll keep this reasonably brief

Looking to build a pair of floorstanders, mainly for use with valve amps but also SS amps. Have given up looking at "reviews" as I'm finding it all too personal and what sounds good in one persons room set-up might not work in another, so decided to look at the choices from a more technical point of view, and that groups of people like

I have access to full cnc woodworking facilities so extremely complicated enclosures are not a problem.

I can use a soldering iron so crossovers, etc are no problem

What I am looking for is full plans, (cabinet and electronic) of a design that is technically excellent, and also that a number of people like!!!! I did look at building the Ariel speakers, but I see the drivers are no longer available, which leads me to the next point

A design that uses current production drivers, or a like-for-like alternative is available or recommended, a number of designs I have come across all use out-of-production drivers which is not much help.

I listen to a variety of music, and sit around 4m away from the speakers, so any advice on what design (transmission line, sealed box,etc) to go for would be helpful too.
Hi Pico

if you mean where do i get ? go to the speaker website
DTQWT-mkII then you can contact email there
looks like he sold the TWO34XO, JA8008, ED ii 2510 some builders in USA even
bought them in place near them (Parts express)

i didnt said you build DTQWT use Dynaudio Drivers

for some cheap capacitor you can use K73-16 from Russian, if you can add some
budget you can join them with others caps you like ( Mundorf, Vcaps or Jantzen )

im join k73-16 & Mundorf SGIO, k73-16 & Auri and k73-16 & MSIO

For me there is no exact science in audio world
it will always back again to your taste

best regards
I was just making fun with your name ;)
And I guess that you were pointing to Troels website ( I didn't check, actually )
which is no problem for me, since I've been doing TLs and variations from
a long time...the latest is a bomb, I tried 1 week ago .
About science in speakers and the audio chain:
I absolutely believe in mechanical indipendence from driver to driver, which is actuated with rubber bands. Also crossover components, they stay well out of the box ( if any ...).
I'm finishing my rubberband suspended Cd player.
The science tells that you have to let the electronics and mechanical parts work in the audio band only, so if you suspend them with rubber bands ( or air springs, which work with pressure not traction ) to allow them to oscillate at subsonic frequency, you have eliminated one of the major issues, the masking of the sound,
Some good suggestions there, one design I was considering were these from Tony Gee using scanspeak drivers, any comments on these???

Humble Homemade Hifi

Top quality drivers. If you have the money, there is nothing wrong in investing at something like these, imo (I'm talking about the 2-way). I'm not fond of series crossover though, especially with RLCs all over the place (and look at the impedance curve, the drivers deserve something better imo). But crossover is cheap compared to the drivers so you can explore or try many designs, just make sure you get the enclosure right in the first place.
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A buddy and I are buliding 2 sets of the full size statements.
I have paradigm S-6's and he has maggies 3.6's I think.
We have one set done... Kinda. We have to finish sealing and putting in the fiberglass
And filling the mid tunnles.
Even at 90% done, we both would gladly give up our commercial speakers.
I loved maggies but missed the lowend punch.
The statements have the magic of the maggies, the punch they lack and they are wonderfull!

I can't find the speakers. Sound stage so huge! I couldn't go back to my paradigms. And I love my digms!
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