diy class D resources

zap pulse link does not work ??

I didnt realize there was a class D overture solution !
This is pretty exciting, but there seems to be a bit of a noise issue at high power. It looks lke [email protected] ohm is .3%distortion which seems like ausable max? this is under 200 hz signals only tho, so it should not matter as much?

can this chip be bridged like the other overture chips?
Jared said:
can someone point me in the right direction? So far all I can find are switching power supplies, but no class D output projects.
Boards, schematics, kits, plans, anything would be appreciated.

I suggest you take a look at Intersil (before Harris) 4080-series of bridge drivers. Harris used to have a fairly complete application note on the web.

Steer clear of ZETEX!!!
I built that 100W amp...Only to find that the inductor doesn't exist! You can order the 1000 version of the inductor but I think the minimum order came to over a grand!

You could wind your own, but I would suggest Tirapth's Class T. I have never heard a bad word against them and will soon be using my chips! They are cheap for what they are too...About £30.

Have fun,