DIY Class D Amp - TAS5630 vs IRS2092

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Hey guys,

I'm about to build my first DIY Amplifier to power a pair of passive (LXMini from Linkwitz Lab) and I'm having a hard time deciding between these two based amp. (I'll Need Channels into 8 Ohms with at least 50W continuous)

Setup 1: TAS5630
AMP: 2x Sure 2x300w TAS560 --->
PS : 1 or 2 Mean Well 48v 350W ---> Mean Well MW NES-350-48 48 VDC 7.3A 350W Regulated Switching Power Supply

Setup 2: IRS2092
AMP: 2x Sure 2x240w-IRS2092 --->
SMPS: 1 or 2 Abletec smps ---> Abletec 900 Watt Peak Class D Audio Amplifier Power Supply 53V DC UL Cul | eBay

Which is a better setup? I'm hearing that both TAS563 and IRS2092 are good. And the IRS2092 are sometimes compared to the Hypex UcD 180 series since both are self-oscillating amp. So that's pretty re-assuring of the IRS2092. Hypex, maybe one day!

Seeing as both of these setup are similar in clost, IRS2092 might be slightly cheaper with the albletec SMPS. Any opinion would be appreciated!

One vote for IRS-2092

Would go for the IRS2092 amp. Measured distortion is much lower for the IRS2092 compared to the TAS5630. I have both...

One issue to be aware of: The IRS2092 has fairly high noise level. Is not a problem for living room use sitting on a couch with average sensitive speakers (90dB @ 1W @ 1 meter) but for near field listening or with very sensitive (>98 dB) speakers you might be able to hear some noise at your listening position.
I don't know the exact way, but I guess low noise zeners (a little lower voltage than the built-in one), low ESR, higher capacitance electrolite cap very close to supply pins, maybe a resistor between them. And of course good GND layout is always important. I don't know the realisation details of the Shure board.

However the input noise of the OTA is 5 uV (250 mV is specified, but figure5 shows G=47000), so with G=30 you have 150 uV on the output (alone from this noise source), which is -82.4 dBW on 4 ohms, so yes, it can be heard... I think reducing gain is neccessary if noise is an issue in the setup.
I am also looking to build an amp for a LXmini set that i have just ordered (so exciting)
Except I was going to go for the sure Tk2050 4 x 100W board.

Is there a reason why you havn't gone for this one? I am a bit of a noob, so am worried that I might have missed something and might be about to under power the lxmini?
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