DIY Cables using Esoteric Audio Numericus

Please see the photo of my Esoteric Audio Numericus shielded cable. All of the wire is silver. There are 15 separate wires with "jacket". There is a 16th that is not jacketed.
Please let me know how I should proceed making RCA phono cables.


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With a different type of cable? :)

Are the wires all laid parallel internally, or twisted into pairs or quads?

What's your end goal, just a stereo pair?

That's massively over complicated for RCA interconnects. I would save it for a signal umbilical of some sort (although I fail to see where this many individual leads would be useful, perhaps in an electronic crossover, or mixing console?) or an application where you actually need that many conductors.
This construction makes for a rather unusual digital cable. Are you sure it is not a fake? Perhaps the wire is indeed silver, but did Esoteric ever make such a cable? Even if they did this may turn out to be pretty lackluster wire for analogue.

In any case you will have to pull it apart and use the wire in some new arrangement. Not sure if any of this is worth it. If it were mine i would spend a few minutes to listen to a single pair of wires and if any good use it for internal project wiring.
When using salvage cable, you want to make line level signals go on twisted pair. So you need to cut back enough to see if any pairs are twisted. At 4 m length I've had trouble with RF pickup on ordinary RCA coax. twisted pair is quieter at that distance.
I just made a dual channel cable out of cat 6 cable with the ends cut off. Very nice. Tight twist in cat 6 cable.
Even if the conductors in this were silver, at 1000 ohms source impedance (low wattage op amp) and input impedance of 10000 ohms, I don't see any benefit. Current is too low to have much trouble with a little resistance.
If the "phono" cable goes to an actual turntable with mm or mc cartridge, those have trouble driving more than 2 m due to the capacitance. Which is why I have 4 m cables between my disco mixer & power amp, the turntable won't fit over by the power amp.
The modern setup with RIAA board built into the turntable is a great solution to this problem. Unfortunately the only turntables for sale around here are Crosley, which may be ceramic Piezo cartridge. Those in my experience wipe the highs off LP's.
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