DIY-Build my HT Speakers for my Onkyo TX-SR506 AV Receiver

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I wish to build compatible speakers for my Onkyo TX-SR506 AV Receiver. I'm based in Bangalore, India, and hence look / source for locally available parts.

My requirements -

1. Front Speakers - 2
2. Rear Speakers - 2
3. Surround Speakers - 2
4. Center Speaker - 1
5. Active Sub-woofer - 1

My HT room is a small 10ft by 15ft room, hence, a decent build which provides a nice and clear sound is preferred. Nothing jazzy !!

Experts, please suggest on the speakers, box and others parts which are required to build from scratch... From Planning till Execution..

All help will be appreciated.. will help many others like me..
More resources (please post your commentaries that will help others in the same situation in India). Many of this brand names and loudspeaker system manufacturers have local resourced parts and drivers, and sometimes you can ask for help with many more contacts for your DIY projects. Some also have OEM drivers/parts or make their own available. Sometimes they require you are a local manufacturer yourself what you are in a small scale.

Cadence Audio

Lithos Acoustics

Norge Audio

Thank you for responding to my requirement.

Well, this will be my first project on speakers since the last time (16yrs ago, when I was studying, I had done a similar one, but its a long time ago).. This time it needs to be more methodical and a neat completion, as this would be placed in my HT room, and will be seen and listened by many of my family and friends.. I was it to be a hit..

As per my plan..

Task 1 - Planning and Design -
What type of drivers are suitable? Output specifications?
Can it be same drivers for Front, rear, Centre and surround?
Building a Active Subwoofer? Driver size and specifications, Enclosure? Power up requirements? (I prefer max. 12inch sub-woofer with good sound feel)
Look for availability /pricing factors?
Other Hardware requirements?
Type of suitable enclosures? or should we design one? Box Designs and compatibility?
Box Sizes and designing? (woodwork skill involved).
Other Accessories involved / required?

I'm going a bit slow on this project as I need to collect every detail on this topic.

Thanks again for giving a heads up start ...
Though I've this Onkyo TX-SR506 AV Receiver since the last 5 years .. I've been using it with my Bose Acoustimass 5 speakers connected to it (on the Front speaker terminals of the Receiver). Its been providing a good sound, but, I would like to utilize the complete 7.1 speaker output from my receiver. And also, my wish is now getting fulfilled as i'm about to get my own HT room which can accommodate 7.1 C speaker system.
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