DIY Blues

Just got my transformer from Plitron today, so I hooked every thing up on my N-channel. No smoke, all was going well, started adjusting the bias. Then the lights flickered(thanks Florida Power) which was enough to make me slip with the meter and short out a mosfet. Removed it from the board and replacd it. Then I replaced the fuses and tried again, this time I let the smoke out of a cap, (the bang scared my wife to death)and found 3 more shorted mosfets. I only had 3 extra that were matched so now its off to Digi-Key to order more so I can match six IRFP240, and try again. Thanks for listening to my whining but it makes me less fustrated.

You make it sound as though none of us break things :) I found out that my Meridian monoblocks won't handle high capacitance cables either. I've been to Rat Shack 4 times in the past two days for fuses. I bought extra this time...

(Heh, the things don't even have binding posts! Just banana plug receptacles. Highs are a bit harsh and congested, time to tinker. Ah, the 80's...)

Well I got my new mosfets matched and installed. Plugged it in and adjusted the bias. Let it warm up for 1/2 hour and tweaked the bias. Hooked it up to my pre amp and turned on a CD. I could beleive it it was playing music. IT WORKED!

Thank you very much to all that helped along the way, Grollins, Anthony and many more. Jason thank you for having this site.
I have A 60hz humm but I'll make another post for that.