DIY Audio Spectrum Analyzer with LED panel


2016-01-25 11:09 pm
Hello everyone, it's my first post here so please be gentle :)

I'm new to electronics, but I love to learn new things. I recently found this project on Youtube,

And I figured I would give it a shot. The author has posted detailed schematics here, and now I'm trying to read them and figure out the parts I will need to build the spectrum analyzer. It also doesn't help that some keywords are in Korean...Here are the plans :

The circuit is broken down into sub-circuits, and this where I get lost.

Any tips on how to read and understand these schematics?

For instance, on the first circuit page, in the "Power Inlet" section, there is capacitor C6 which says "CAP POL". I get that it probably is a polarized capacitor, but how can I find the capacitance value?