DIY amp started smoking.. HELP!?!?


2013-03-01 3:28 am
So I finished off this amp I got a while ago today, keen to see if it would work and when I turned it on! And then, it started to smoke.. :confused:
Also there was a lot of static coming through the speakers and a pop when I disconnected my iPod :S

Does anyone know what's going on?? Have I connected it up incorrectly?? :confused:

This is the amp I have if its any help :)
Altronics - K5130 50W Amplifier Module Stereo Kit

I tired to make it as compact as possible so maybe I went wrong somewhere there as well?

Cheers guys :)


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Is everything isolated from the chassis?
That upside down board especially looks like it could easily have components or traces shorted. It looks like you're already alert to that fact, and are using those rubber feet as stand-offs for the lid. But have you overlooked something there, or another location?
In the photo below I can see component leads underneath the angled sidewall.


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2012-07-22 8:01 pm
Where did you got those terrible PCBs?!
Does your transformer have 4 output wires like " Black, Black and White White"?
There might be a problem with that
0 tap should be wired as it has 20-20 and if taking voltage from both you get 40.
I once wired it all wrong 20-20 but 0 on both, then my 2X300W TDA8950 died. what a fail.
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So you just wired it up and turned it on? That's not a good idea. You should have used current limiting resistors or a series bulb first. You should have verified that the power supply worked as intended before powering up the amp boards. I would start by isolating the power supply and verifying correct operation.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda. You should have come here first.