DIY Air Motion Transformer idea


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2002-01-15 12:57 am
Tyrone Ga. U.S.A.
Long ago in 1977 The Audio Amateur had an article on how to
build an air motion transformer. Realy there were 2 examples
a midrange tweeter and a tweeter. Just for the heck of it I even
built a small one. The bigest problem was getting magnets. Well
magnets now are a lot cheaper. If I still had that article I might
be tempted to build another one.

Neil Davis

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2004-12-07 3:23 am
Reston, Virginia
There was a follow-up to that article one or two issues later that described how to etch the diaphragm. Etching is much easier, but getting the fine traces for the small diaphragm requires a good resist technique. The article described how to use tape as an etch resist, but this approach was far from perfect, as the etchant would get under the tape or else the pattern could tear while removing the tape.

A more promising approach would be using paint and a template like the one in the picture. Someday when I get the time I'm going to give this a try.