DIY 8 pin DIN switchbox - not manual

I hopeing for some help in building a switchbox for my car.

Without to much detail, I need to split my 8 pin DIN (Alpine standard) into 2 outputs and control the switch with a small push button on the dash.

The switchbox must be electically switched with a push botton switch on the dash, not a rotary switch.

The reason for the switch is to alternate between my 2 audio sources (dvd and cd changer) into one my converter into my factory Toyota head.


2004-11-26 3:15 am
so you have 2 sources that you basically want a selector switch between the 2. If you use a dpst( dual position single throw) switch to activate 2 seperate relays that turn on the respective source that could be all/part of what you need right? Your 2 external sources are they both aftermarket or?