DIY 2-Way XO for KG2 Boxes


2008-12-01 8:24 am
Hi All,
I just wanted to share my little treats that I put together. The woofer circuits have some really cool 4 microfarad Bathtub PIO Spragues dated 1953 and a combination of ceramic glazed K40Y9s and some Vitamin Qs as well as Jantzen coils. The tweter circuit is a combination of 8 microfarad Milspec JAN vintage vitamin Q type Sprague PIO and 2 microfarads of ceramic glazed K40Y9s, again with Jantzen coils. All caps are NOS. These will be mated with 4 Ohm Morel 8" woofers, the stock 10" passive radiators, and 7 Ohm Yamaha Beryllium tweeters from the NS-1000.
More pics and listening impressions when completed!


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