diving into the deep end

Hello everyone,
Here is the story:
I have a pair of ML Sequels that I am currently driving with a Kenwood M1D. Works great up to a decent volume siting 8' away. When I turn it up passed this, music will I clean house, the amp gets a little hot under the collar.
It is my understanding that in the range of 10K-20K the MLs dip below 2 ohms.
I have been looking around the forum for mention of 2 ohm stable amps. It was recommended to me to use an amp with four outputs per side per channel.
I was sent a link to this amp:https://sites.google.com/site/bobdavis321/_/rsrc/1250040702583/electromagnetic-coil-devices/poweramp.gif. I was told to add two more outputs, but I can not get 2n5631s. I was thinking of using MJ15003/4 for the outputs. Should I also change the drivers to MJE340/50?

I am of course open to any suggestions.