DIR9001 Vs CS8416


2007-02-09 8:32 pm

I'm currently building a balanced DAC with TI PCM1794a. I'm at the stage of choosing a receiver. My two choice are the DIR9001 and the CS8416 in hardware mode.

The advantage of the CS8416 is that it can accept 192kHz input Vs 96kHz for the DIR9001.

The advantage of the DIR9001 is that it has a jitter of 50ps vs 200ps. Does this really matter if I plan to re clock the signal with a SRC4192?

My other question is what kind of circuit is best to interface the signal to the receiver. Is it better with a transformer or with buffer (uc04). TI in there development board uses buffers.

I've attached the two circuit I'm thinking about for the DIR9001.


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