dipole resurrection - crossover design

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I started a 3-way dipole project that I had to shelve 10 years ago due to marriage, moving, kids, etc. Frankly the project was a bit too advanced for me at the time.

I've fallen in lust with MEH and CD speakers, patiently waiting for Waslo/Batemen/etc to figure it all out so I can have an excuse to finally buy a 3d printer. But I feel I have to bring my previous dipole to fruition before I can allow myself to embark on another build. I badly need to gain some proficiency with measurement and filter design.

So I ignored my family for a weekend to cobbled together a test baffle, just something to get the drivers mounted to and have been walking through ABCDipole and trying to remember all the things that I though I understood at the time but no doubt did not.

Initial design parameters:
  • Fountek NeoPro5i ribbon
  • JBL 2123H mid
  • 2x AE Dipole12 woofers
Arbitrarily chosen crossover points of 250 and 1800.

I'm primarily playing withHolmimpulse, vituixcad, and Xsim. I did use REW a few months ago to get a single speaker 3way active setup to help motivate me.

So I'm having a heck of a time getting a flat response in vituixcad. I did cobble together a 3rd order filter that with a couple of hand-wound inductors I was able get one speaker sounding not bad but the frequency response is pretty lumpy.

I then stumbled across a video on xsim which made it look easy so I tried it and bam, I had a flat response and the components on hand to build two channels. But they are only 2nd order filters and I worry about the ribbon.

A couple of issues:

  • I think that I'm overlooking something with phase that is making this more difficult than it should be.
  • When I let xsim derive FRD phase, I can easily get a flat response with 2nd order filters. Haven't really tried higher order yet due to lack of parts.
  • How do I compensate for the effect of the 15uF cap that I had to use when measuring the ribbon's initial FR?


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