Dipole/Open Baffle: To go line array or Orion clone?

chipco3434 said:
Open baffle line array.

Much agreeance on OB line array! I'm in the process of building one myself! :D

chipco3434 said:
Tuba bass.

Why not a transmission line? The tuba looks great (beleive me, I'm not knockin' on a design I haven't tried) but the sound of a MLTL imo matches the sound of open baffle very well (but I'm not sure how they will sound with line arrays...chipco?). Or maybe I've just gotten lucky. :clown:

On a seperate note, will dipole get you the extension in a subwoofer that you require? (No comment on IB, I've heard them work very well....just the cost + a big hole in the wall/ceiling :dead: )

Best of luck!