Dip Hole clogged

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I am replacing some 8 dip opamps. I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to this. I have read thru these forums and looked at many videos and thought I bought the correct tools.

I have a 15 amp simple gun. And a hot desoldering bulb gun from radio shack (horrible). I sucessfully removed the first opamp, but somehow in doing so one of the dip holes has become clogged. the tip is too large to fit inside the hole, and i have tried everything short of a hammer to unclogg it. Since I was just removing 2 small components, I didn't see the need to use desoldering braid since I bought the "vaccum" maybe thats where I went wrong. Will that get thru that tiny hole?

Any other suggestions?? What is a decent "real" vacuum desoldering gun for not so much money??
I have a radio shack desoldering iron (with the bulb), and I also use desoldering braid. Cleaning out holes can be a pain, but it is definitely do-able - just be patient. The trick with the desoldering iron is to first maker sure the solder has melted - when there is very little solder between the iron and board, there is poor thermal contact, and often the solder doesn't get hot enough to melt. Second, you have to get a good seal between the 'O' on the desoldering iron and the pad, otherwise no air flows through the hole you're trying to clear.

But here is the real trick: refill the hole with solder, then try and remove it. Don't be skimpy. It works wonders. Either a desolder braid or the bulb/iron can be used. Typically I use the braid if there is no part in the hole (or if I'm too lazy to wait for the iron to heat up). I suggest you buy some, its very handy, just make sure you buy the type that has flux already on it. Conversely, I use the desoldering iron if there is a part through the hole, it works better at getting the solder up past tight places.

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wick and braid are the same thing. The braid at radioshack isn't all that great, IMHO. It works though. I don't think it has flux on it, so you have to add flux to the braid each time you use it. I get mine from mouser or digikey - Pro Wick, size 5, 1805-5f looks to be the product id.
As I use cheap plumbers' flux (cleaing it with acetone afterwards for my preffered price/performance point), I have a tub of the stuff.
I jsut dip the braid in the flucx first before using it, works twice as well then. SOmetimes I will even just use normal braided wire and some flux to suck up some solder. (I'm terribly lazy when it comes to looking for stuff like my rol of braid, and too disorganised to keep it in one spot.
Even if a hole is through-plated, I've sometimes had to resort to a drill bit to clear it. This was on a multilayer board where the hole was connected to some power or ground plane. I chucked the bit in an Xacto knife handle and turned it by hand.

I've never tried the bulb-type desoldering iron, but I highly recommend the classic Soldapullt model DS 017. It's a matter of timing to heat the connection, then simultaneously pull the iron away and bring the tip of the Soldapullt in and squeeze the trigger.
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