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Digital Volume Controller IC for MAS6116

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4SALE: 5x Tachyonix 6116m

This is a stand-alone controller for the Micro Analog Systems MAS6116 Stereo Digital Volume Control.
It converts an input voltage to the serial bus data needed to controll the MAS6116 digital potentiometer.
You just have to connect the wiper of a (mono) potentiometer to the input of the IC and it translates the 0V...5V to the corrsponding serial data for the volume controller.

I purchased them directely from the manufacturer but they never found the way in a project. So they have never been used or tested.

Price: 5€/each + shipping


Datasheet and example circuit (source unknown) in annex (the english datasheet is only as a reference, as is shows another version of the IC, the correct pinout is in the japanese version)


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