Digital out from surround receiver

Hi everybody.

I'm looking for a way to get a digital audio output from a surround receiver to a DSP to for my front speakers.

Currently looking at HDMI audio extractors with a toslink output connected to the second HDMI output of the receiver, so as the HDMI spec gets more features the HDMI audio extractor doesn't have to be upgraded with every HDMI revision.

I have two concerns.

First. I can't find any in depth information on any of the HDMI extractors and my concern is that they might take the HDMI signal into the analog domain and back to the digital again, instead of keeping it all digital.

Second. Do they even work if there is nothing connected to the output of the HDMI extractor or force a downscale on the first HDMI output for the TV if the extractor doesn't have 4K(or something else) capability.

Do you have any experience with HDMI extractors or is there another way to get the digital output?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I bought one of these - 192KHz ARC Audio Extractor HDMI ARC to SPDIF + Coaxial + L/R Converter Audio Return Channel Adapter but I have not tried to use it....change of plans.
I have not looked inside but I can do so tomorrow and see what chipset is used.
OTOH $25.00 is not too much to spend just for the experiment, if it does what you need then all good, if not it is still usable as intended by the mnfr.


I would be fantastic if you could upload a picture or two of the pcb.

Yeah, 25usd in not much to do an experiment. But i might have to buy many different versions of extractors to find one that actually does what I need. If such a thing even exists.