Digital Loudspeaker Controllers Worthwhile?


2013-03-26 3:15 am
My current "audiophile" system consists of an older Adcom cd player, an Adcom preamplifier with passive volume control, two Marchand Electronics XM-6 Active crossovers in parallel for 3 way tri amping, 3 Adcom 5802 amlifiers and a pair of home built WMTMW speakers using Vifa drivers
( 1", 5" 8"). My speakers mimic the Dunlavy SC IV in build and dimensions.

My questions are:
1: What would be the advantages, if any, of replacing the analog x-Overs with a newer Digital Loudspeaker Controller? Would I hear a difference going digital?

2: I'm also considering adding an additional crossover for a fourth amp to power either 12" or 15" subwoofers. Would I be hearing a big difference in the lower frequencies?

Thanks in advance for the advice.