Digital Designs Z2


2010-10-05 1:42 am
i bought a digital designs z2 amplifier in non working condition. the previous owner said he heard a pop from it and he said it looked like a few transistors were blown. i just brought it to a local electronics shop by me and the guy told me the mosfets are blown nd he can not get in touch with digital designs for replacements.

is there anyway i can do this repair myself? would i be able to find replacements for something like this?
You CAN and WILL be able to get in touch with DD, also if there is no other way, or coz you can, go to Forum - Powered by vBulletin with this.

Amm yea, you are looking at replacing fets (input and/or output), there could be dead drivers for those fets, voltages for IC's would need to be checked,...

I bet this amp was shaking(mounted on the box). Is this an old z2, or is it newer z2a?