diffractionbegone.com's antidiffraction tweeter pads...


I was very pleased, overall, with my new/used Avanti IIIs...

Speaker Asylum: The Audio Physic Avanti IIIs have been in my musicroom... by jeffreybehr

...especially after I had improved* a few aspects of them, but I still wasn't satisfied with the quality of the treble. I 'knew' I could find better caps for the tweeters' 3rd-order filters, but I felt it was worth the gamble of a few dollars of shipping costs (with DFBG's generous return/refund policy) to determine if they could reduce the Avantis' tendency to park sharp treble 'on' the tweeters.

I ordered a pair, and, after several pleasant e-mails with DFBG's Jim Goulding, they arrived a few days ago. They're about 3/8" thick and fit the speakers well.



The harsh lite I used to fotograf them makes them look a bit gray, but in normal lite they're VERY-dark gray and almost invisible on the speakers.

They have definitely reduced the tendency of the sounds of hard-blown trumpets and trombones to park on the face of the speakers, and the quality of treble is significantly improved overall, sounding less harsh.

I heartliy recommend these to anyone wanting to improve the quality of the treble in their systems, and I'll be installing the single pad on the VonSchweikert Visiun very soon. :)

* or, more accurately, changed them to be more to my tastes