Difference between TIP36C, CW, and CG


2006-12-21 8:55 pm
I'm looking to buy some TIP36 type transistors and there are several different part numbers, TIP36C, TIP36CW and TIP36CG. The G appears to mean lead free, but I'll be damned if I can find what the W means.

The spec sheets for the C and CW are exactly the same except for the part number and some notes on changes to the document, but the CW costs about 20% more than the C. Does anyone have an idea what the difference is between them?


2007-10-10 5:21 pm
Even the ‘C’ with no ‘W’ is a TO-247 now, they quit making the 218 altogether. I’ll be damned if I know what the difference is anymore. Unless it has to do with which fab they come out of - there are several, ant they all measure differently. The ones marked “MAR” measure much closer to older pulls from equipment in the TO-218 than the ones marked “CHN”. The packages look exactly the same, laser marling is consistent except for origin code, and the innards are the same. They all seem to work equally well.