Diaural crossover really strange.... (to me atleast)


2001-03-06 3:07 pm

One could redraw it as to LC resonace circuitt with the driver in between out of phase... could someone please explain abit about it or/ and do some simulation i dont got any proper software..


btw the crossover network is some no diaurial patent.


2002-05-17 8:48 pm
The following assumptions are made:
item 52 is a tweeter
item 54 is a woofer
the speaker is intended to reproduce full-range audio

If that schematic is truly what the "crossover" looks like, then it isn't a crossover at all. The LC network looks like one stage of a delay line, but since both drivers are connected in parallel, there won't be any difference between the signals sent to the two drivers. Maybe the highs and lows find their respective ways to the tweeter and woofer by the same magic by which "buy-wiring" works (or doesn't!).

Since the drivers are in parallel, and I assume the speaker in which this thing resides is a full-range system, the tweeter will probably burn up the first time some low bass is applied.

It looks like the marketing department got desperate in their search for something new to sell.

The granting of a patent does not mean the thing works or can be made workable, but it does make the sales literature look good...