designing crossover and enclosure without a data sheet.Help please

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hi all

I have just got these drivers TC14wg0508 i have done endless emails and research on these and i am beginning to loose hope.

they are made by VIFA audio i have emailed them for a data sheet and they have never replied to me. the only spec i have is something i found on a website that the closest i have got but its the WG06 not WG05 posted below

any idea how i would calculate crossovers and box volume (on about building a 2 way enclosure tomorrow)

hope someone can help

Many thanks


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If you don't have the T/S params, your best bet is to measure them yourself.

If you have a desktop computer, then the built in sound card should be adequate. for a laptop an external USB sound card is probably needed (as laptops generally don't have a line in).

I use REW for software. available here --> REW - Room EQ Wizard Room Acoustics Software

The help files for REW should have info on making a suitable cable and doing the measurements.

I very much doubt it...;)

More like 5.5" drivers in the 149mm rebate Vifa tradition:

Vifa PL14WJ-

I was going of cone area.the drivers are from Rouark audio who have kindly donated a set of drivers and tweeters that would match my college amplifier project. the 5.5" driver shown above looks much cheaper in design than the set of vifa i have.they have more of a shiny plastic coating with a wooden dome dust cap (i think there called that :confused:) was hoping to make a two way ported enclosure today but will have to put it on hold till i can sort the dimensions.don't fancy ordering the birch ply for it to be all wrong :D
You might be able to help a bit here, Allen. I'm a bit vague on reflex bass adjustments, but I'm not sure it'll be too critical anyway... :)

I think it's actually a paper bass, and I'd guess it has a bit of breakup around 5-6kHz. 19mm tweeter crossing over around 3.5Khz unsurprisingly.
Ruark Epilogue Loudspeakers Reviewed

Troels' Vifa PL14WJ- design is bookshelf aligned by the look of it. Not heavy on the bass. The LCR 600Hz notch on the bass is a bit of a Troels' thing and could be left out.

This 11L Wilmslow cabinet is set up for 149mm bass and 104mm tweeter:
Mercury cabinets. Might save some woodwork.

I'd guess the quick and dirty 3.5kHz crossover will be one of these two below. The 7.5R and 1uF Zobel is optional. The red resistors will give a bit of treble adjust. Position close to a wall. I'd be surprised if Ruark fit anything more complex.


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Regarding closed vs. vented, I'd agree it's not that critical unless an extended bass response may warrant a different treble balance in general. The distributed sources of bass might affect peoples perception of vented enclosures circumstantially, and the rumour that they increase sensitivity by 3db through radiation gain seems likely to have been taken out of context.
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I was thinking more of a good guess at enclosure size and reflex tube size in this context. I suppose we are looking at 8-12L and a 1-2" diameter tube about 3" long as a first guess...:)

The 2.2kHz crossover on the Ruark Classic Icon is a result of the 25mm dome ferrofluid tweeter. Nevertheless, I still like my higher 8 ohm 3.5kHz crossover for simplicity and ease of adjustment.

Going for 2.2kHz as in Troels' SEAS CURV is pushing what can be done with this sort of DIY guesswork. Phase and impedance will be tricky. I think a cone breakup notch is out of the question too, 5" units being quite difficult to do clever stuff with unless you have exact modelling.

I think rough and ready has gotta be the order of the day. It won't sound bad at all. :)
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Steve, with respect to bass reflex adjustments, I assume you mean changes to the tuning of the box? I used to model for the maximum bass extention, and my old three ways were built for that. I was looking at one of troel's designs and noticed that although ported it didn't have a typical ported rolloff, which got me to thinking why??

I modeled it and the thing that really stuck out was how much better the transient response was. This is now what I look at when modeling a reflex enclosure for a new driver. Sacrificing a bit of extension (perhaps only a few Hz) can make quite a difference to the transient response.

I will some day make new cabinets for my 10" vifa's which are still in my old 3 ways. I intend to optimize for best transient response, rather than best extension (which I originally did). It will be interesting to see the subjective difference.

I have done a few calculations for the enclosure, looking at using 15mm ply dimensions of wxdxh 7 x 10 x 13 resulting in 9.69 litre with the bracing and driver present around 10.3 litre without. how does that sound.i personally want to build them and the crossovers because i have built the amplifier and amp chassis by hand in years to come i can say i built that :D with the help of a few very knowledgeable guys on diy audio :rolleyes:

edit.. i have just measured the speaker again the cone diameter is 10cm / 4 inches. so i take it it is a 4 inch driver?does this change anything as the ruark idol and epilogue both have 14cm and 15cm drivers. surely i need a smaller box than calculated above
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You linked to some Korean specs of your driver. I picked out 9L Vas and 0.51 Qts. You could do some more exact bass modelling of the reflex tuning.

But since rough and ready is what we are doing here, this still looks very like this driver: Vifa Tc14wg49-08 5-1/2" Polymer Frame Woofer.

PDF Vifa Tc14wg49-08 specs here:

Either way, 10L is not far off for closed box or reflex. This really isn't an exact science. You really just need to roughly replicate the Icon box and tube. :D

I just looked into a bass notch on a 5" driver. This 0.47uF/22R 7.5kHz tank does the business with either tweeter filter. Be worth trying for good imaging and phase.


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unfortunatly the korean specs are for the TC14WG06-08 a 15cm driver mine is the TC14WG05-08 10cm driver. based on this the size of the box must be smaller im guessing due to 5cm less cone area etc. just worried that an under or oversize box will have significant effect of the outcome of the sound. pleas tell me if im worrying about nothing. :eek: thanks for bearing with me
It's an OEM driver Ruark are fitting, but if we've got it right, the outer chassis diameter will be 149mm. Simple as that. Vifa have always called their drivers TC14 or PL14 where scanspeak would use 15W for 5.5". A 4" driver would be TC11 in Vifa talk, and have a Vas around 6L...:D

I've added the Tymphany archive link above.
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